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POST MORTEM AVENUE: Reading Between The Lines

Posted on February 20, 2005 at 11:38:34 AM by George



In a parody on The Heavenly Post, the author determined a pattern to reading between the lines with the gracious seed planted by Agent Ladybug. Concealed beneath symbols and headlines are other more accurate portrayals of the news. The Feb. 14th National Post was no exception. Some of the comments are quite revealing since their author was asked directly about their relevance.

"A lot of guys make mistakes, I guess, but every one we make, a whole stack of chips goes down with it. We make a mistake, and some guy don't walk away - forever-more, he don't walk away."

"I haven't lost my temper in 40 years, but pilgrim you caused a lot of trouble this morning...might have got somebody killed...and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth..."

There are four red roses growing from the remains of exes pictured. There are 40 years of serving my country. A whole stack of chips goes down. Goes down where? 40 degrees north, 4 degrees west: Madrid, Spain the sight of the Windsor office tower fire and collapse.

Other numbers of the day are the 60's 'British Invasion'. Ironically it was the 60th anniversary of the raid on Dresden. It is the 14th day. The big business story says 61-10 on the front page (51). Co-ordinates for Dresden: 51 degrees north 14 degrees east. Front page of the Star an angel. Picture at Dresden an angel statue overlooking the damage. Odds of co-ordinates appearing by random chance 16,200 to one.

"This explains the preference for secrecy that characterized such undertakings, and the birth of what is known as esotericism as the deliberate intention to transmit only coded messages reserved for those who know how to read between the lines." from The Templar Treasure at Gisors. The Knights Templar had a code. I think we're breaking it. More to follow.

EXTRA EXTRA - The News Tomorrow Today

Posted on March 17, 2005 at 02:20:42 PM by George



In this next installment of the events on Roszko's farm, we have been overwhelmed by the revelations yesterday. An Edmonton radio station has reported a story repeated in the popular press concerning a 'white sheet'. Apparantly Mr. Roszko advanced on the police under a 'white sheet'. The March 7th National Post made a reference to a 'white towel'. We are bordering on the really freaky at this point. If the bottle of Crown Royal exists at the farm, then the authors' had prior knowledge or a source in the RCMP.

March 14th's Post Mortem concedes our efforts in 'Federal-Provincial Visionary Emerges'. "Well I always thought Ed was full of crap about his psychic powers," Mrs Grabowski said, "and that may well have been true in the past, but now, dammit, I'm a believer. Just imagine my shock when we were watching the national news that very night, the channel with the bald guy and his wife, and the bald guy says literally the words Ed said to me that morning. When I came to I said, 'Ed Grabowski, you've got the gift.'"

Post Mortem is about Martha Stewart that day. A rather innocuous topic. However, in the news section there is a piece entitled 'Yarn maker gives away Martha's poncho secret'. In it "do-it-yourselfers across the country logged onto internet message boards in hopes of cracking the design." Some design, some crack.


Posted on March 13, 2005 at 07:27:22 PM by George



The story breaks. Extra, Extra, 4 Mounties Slain. The Word of the Day: heinous - grossly wicked or reprehensible. He was convicted of a heinous crime. How appropriate. However, the serious material is hidden in Post Mortem Avenue on Monday March 7th.

In 'We'll drink to that!' the first section refers to references about cars. Wasn't there a chop shop operation at Roszko's farm? "ole Number 7" and "50,000 road fatalities" are mentioned. Again the road of the farm 75. "You can bet on how many will be killed." Can you?

In the next part '50 Cent Divests Colleague of Crew Status'. "Rapper 50 Cent...has officially demoted fellow rapper The Game and removed him from his 'crew', the rap group G-Unit. Mr. Cent also stripped him of 'posse' and 'entourage' status but declined to provide details..."

"Demotion from 'crew' status is one of the most serious sanctions the rap community can impose, and OFTEN LEADS TO A RITUAL EXCHANGE OF GUNFIRE. In fact, Mr. Game heard about his demotion in a formal 'disrespectation' on a New York radio station. Mr Game and his 'entourage' immediately drove to the radio station, where they confronted members of Mr. Cent's 'entourage', leading to a gunfight in which one of Mr. Game's 'associates' was injured.

"Game to surrender the accoutrements of his station, such as large medallions, over sized rings and jeweled dental adornments. In Toronto Post Mortem has its base camp...rat-a-tat-tat-tat...Wake up the po-lice, the house be rockin' tonite!"

If we were going to describe what happened at the farm, this would have interesting parallels. However, we are not alone. British Codebreakers at Bletchley Park are working on the Templar's Code too. However, algorithms may not be required in 13th century codes. Veils and logic in deduction are more suitable I think.

Post Mortem also makes reference to a head covered with towel and a bottle of Crown Royal. I would be interested if one of the bodies was covered with a towel or if there was a bottle of Crown Royal at the crime scene. If they were the RCMP Commissioner would have been quite correct in referring to the deaths as a "sacrifice".

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT - Before it Happens?

Posted on March 13, 2005 at 06:47:59 PM by George

Prince Charles thanks members of the Ntaria community for their traditional welcoming ceremony at Alice Springs Airport. The Prince of Wales spent five hours in the Northern Territory.


Over the past few weeks we have been playing with the concept of the old codes used by the Knights Templar. They used to conceal information in paintings as a concept in cryptography. Between the lines implied messages led to a different, more important message not readily apparent to those who viewed it. We found a catch phrase or picture that had us looking for deeper, more important meaning. Frequently numbers and letters jived by degrees latitude and longitude to the location mentioned. March 3rd's National Post was no different. There was a catch your attention picture of Prince Charles in Alice Springs looking at scantily clad and topless natives entitled Just Don't Look Down. Following the clues we found co-ordinates that took us to Alberta NW of Edmonton. When the news reported the deaths of four mounties, I was already looking at a map of Alberta within miles of the scene. That was just the beginning.

You will see that there are four zeros in the headline - one for each deceased policeman. Another title refers to "how the rule of law is in danger in Canada." There is a reference to page A18. Roszko's farm was on Hwy. 18. The attention getter picture refers to the story on page A14. The Roots gear athlete is pointing to the number with his index finger and to the number "550". Meaningless dribble you say. What if A14 is 114 plus the one making 115. What if the 55 minus the one makes 54. 54 degrees north, 115 degrees west is the latitude and longitude of Roszko's farm. The story from Edmonton is subtitled "More Frigging Disaster" by MARKUSOFF. Was the shootout a disaster? Were people marked off? YES!

The Word of the Day on page 2 - egregious. An egregious error in judgement resulted in his termination. In the lotto numbers are all the nearby roads 22, 18, 43, and the all important 3X25=75. The intersection of the farm Hwy 18 and Road 75.

It's all coincidence. We're all deranged. Right. Days later Roszko's truck was found 24 kms. from the farm. The co-ordinates of Alice Springs 24 degrees south. The odds of all these numbers appearing randomly are getting pretty high, but this is just the first day.

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Posted on October 5, 2011 at 11:50 AM

There was a time before TV, if anyone can begin to comprehend such an era, where human interactions in thought were portrayed in the street before enchanted masses of people. Great writers and thinkers showed their ideas in a type of theatre known as puppetry. One of the greats was Heinrich Von Kleist author of Über das Marionetten Theater. I find that somehow surprising now that we see Google putting on a tongue and cheek puppet show on their search page. I find it reacts like the old enigma machine giving a detailed answer to those who know how to stimulate it precisely and gibberish to those who don't.

What was the old puppet show other that the means to feed fiction or political satire or even concealed instructions to whoever happened to watch. I've seemed to have great difficulty carrying the message in some circles. They claim to not understand the finer innuendos in communication or maybe they understand them too well. For you see some of these age old techniques were invented by the clan Von Kleist for use in other eras. Perhaps we have reached the nerve of the conspiracy. Google is still using the methods invented and forgotten of Heinrich Von Kleist German agent of the Napoleonic era. If there is a dread in being tricked, there is a terror in being tricked by such an old one.

Marionette Theatre

The term marionette originates from Italy where small wooden puppets known as ‘Marione’ were used to replicate large wooden statues. It is a term used to describe a special kind of puppet, as unlike most other glove puppets, marionettes reproduce the entire human form.

Although puppets of some form have existed in nearly all civilisations to date, it was in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that Marionette Theatre really flourished in Europe.

The jointed and flexible nature of the marionette allows individual sections to move independently and thus the marionette grew to become one of the most popular means by which to convey satirical works and operas. Music was often an integral part of any marionette performance.

Marionettes and Romanticism

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries oppressed and disappointed artists used the marionette theatre as a tool by which to air their disgruntled views of society. It reflected all aspects of romanticism especially disappointment in the Enlightenment, which was rife at this time. The so-called failure of the enlightened ideals did however lead to the birth of new dreams and beliefs. Artists and writers took to the streets and travelled seeking inspiration and thus folklore became fashionable once more. German writers especially, already disillusioned with the theatre world, turned to puppet theatres with enthusiasm and many began to write works intended for marionettes to play.

Both Heinrich von Kleist and E.T.A. Hoffmann had much to say about marionettes and the puppet world. Their conflicting opinions represent the essence of the debate which existed during the romantic period.

Kleist, despising the German theatres that had rejected so many of his works, turned instead to the world of puppet theatre. His essay Über das Marionetten Theater (On the Marionette Theatre) of 1810 was not written for marionettes to play, but as a description of their function and value. He compares the capacities of live performers and marionettes according to romantic aesthetics. Kleist’s enthusiasm for the marionette theatre was shared by many yet the weight of his words and the endless possibilities he saw in the puppet world were not be recognized until long after his death, adding justification to the notion that Kleist was a man born before his time.

E. T. A. Hoffmann held a very different opinion on the function of the marionette, recognising, unlike Kleist, the limitations of the puppet as negative. He believed that the popularity of marionette theatre stemmed from the comical result produced when marionettes were used to portray inner human qualities. He even went so far as to label them as grotesque and maintained that they could be used only to portray external human behavior. Despite his dislike of the puppet world, Hoffmann was among the many successful German writers who used the automaton motive in their work and was renowned for using mechanical figures to symbolize manipulated control, as in Der Sandmann (1816).

Other romantic writers influenced by marionettes:

Goethe– Faust (1790 & 1831) inspired by shows Goethe saw played in market stall booths containing the sorcerer Dr Faustus.
The Wedding of Hansawurst (1775).

Tieck– Prinz Zerbino or The Voyage in Search of Good Taste (1798).


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Recently there has been much attention to Paris Hilton being put in jail. A popular media response was to publish fictitious letters from jail. One went so far as to circle certain letters. Arranging these letters revealed the following:

BOT (Network Security Threat)
This was an amazing coincidence. It was published on the AVENUE page of The National Post June 22, 2007. Seven days later a car bomb was found in London. Quite the coincidence indeed.
When the letters are arranged as a crossword, they have even greater meaning. We took the liberty of turning 'XO' into Hug/Kiss. We had an 'i' left over. It can mean an imagery function that generates spectral signatures for an image to outlines regions of interest. London?