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EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT - Before it Happens?

Posted on March 13, 2005 at 06:47:59 PM by George

Prince Charles thanks members of the Ntaria community for their traditional welcoming ceremony at Alice Springs Airport. The Prince of Wales spent five hours in the Northern Territory.


Over the past few weeks we have been playing with the concept of the old codes used by the Knights Templar. They used to conceal information in paintings as a concept in cryptography. Between the lines implied messages led to a different, more important message not readily apparent to those who viewed it. We found a catch phrase or picture that had us looking for deeper, more important meaning. Frequently numbers and letters jived by degrees latitude and longitude to the location mentioned. March 3rd's National Post was no different. There was a catch your attention picture of Prince Charles in Alice Springs looking at scantily clad and topless natives entitled Just Don't Look Down. Following the clues we found co-ordinates that took us to Alberta NW of Edmonton. When the news reported the deaths of four mounties, I was already looking at a map of Alberta within miles of the scene. That was just the beginning.

You will see that there are four zeros in the headline - one for each deceased policeman. Another title refers to "how the rule of law is in danger in Canada." There is a reference to page A18. Roszko's farm was on Hwy. 18. The attention getter picture refers to the story on page A14. The Roots gear athlete is pointing to the number with his index finger and to the number "550". Meaningless dribble you say. What if A14 is 114 plus the one making 115. What if the 55 minus the one makes 54. 54 degrees north, 115 degrees west is the latitude and longitude of Roszko's farm. The story from Edmonton is subtitled "More Frigging Disaster" by MARKUSOFF. Was the shootout a disaster? Were people marked off? YES!

The Word of the Day on page 2 - egregious. An egregious error in judgement resulted in his termination. In the lotto numbers are all the nearby roads 22, 18, 43, and the all important 3X25=75. The intersection of the farm Hwy 18 and Road 75.

It's all coincidence. We're all deranged. Right. Days later Roszko's truck was found 24 kms. from the farm. The co-ordinates of Alice Springs 24 degrees south. The odds of all these numbers appearing randomly are getting pretty high, but this is just the first day.

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