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POST MORTEM AVENUE: Reading Between The Lines

Posted on February 20, 2005 at 11:38:34 AM by George



In a parody on The Heavenly Post, the author determined a pattern to reading between the lines with the gracious seed planted by Agent Ladybug. Concealed beneath symbols and headlines are other more accurate portrayals of the news. The Feb. 14th National Post was no exception. Some of the comments are quite revealing since their author was asked directly about their relevance.

"A lot of guys make mistakes, I guess, but every one we make, a whole stack of chips goes down with it. We make a mistake, and some guy don't walk away - forever-more, he don't walk away."

"I haven't lost my temper in 40 years, but pilgrim you caused a lot of trouble this morning...might have got somebody killed...and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth..."

There are four red roses growing from the remains of exes pictured. There are 40 years of serving my country. A whole stack of chips goes down. Goes down where? 40 degrees north, 4 degrees west: Madrid, Spain the sight of the Windsor office tower fire and collapse.

Other numbers of the day are the 60's 'British Invasion'. Ironically it was the 60th anniversary of the raid on Dresden. It is the 14th day. The big business story says 61-10 on the front page (51). Co-ordinates for Dresden: 51 degrees north 14 degrees east. Front page of the Star an angel. Picture at Dresden an angel statue overlooking the damage. Odds of co-ordinates appearing by random chance 16,200 to one.

"This explains the preference for secrecy that characterized such undertakings, and the birth of what is known as esotericism as the deliberate intention to transmit only coded messages reserved for those who know how to read between the lines." from The Templar Treasure at Gisors. The Knights Templar had a code. I think we're breaking it. More to follow.

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